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Unforgettable School Holiday Camps: Kick-off the Fun at KIKOFF

Posted by KIKOFF | 20th June 2023

Keeping kids active during the school holidays can often be challenging for parents. With the usual school routine on pause, it can be tough to find activities that not only keep the little ones engaged but also contribute positively to their growth and development. That's where KIKOFF's exciting school holiday camps come into play!

Why KIKOFF's School Holiday Camps are a Parent’s Top Choice

The school holiday season brings with it an extended break from learning, and while the kids might be excited, for parents, it's often a time of stress. Keeping the children busy, entertained, and away from screens can be a herculean task. The solution? KIKOFF's fun-filled school camps!

Designed specifically to engage kids aged 5-12, our camps are the perfect place to keep your child active during the break. But we offer much more than just a way to fill their school holiday break. Our camps provide a safe environment where kids can not only have a ball but also develop their football skills, make new friends, and learn the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Unlike the usual school routine, our camps are a whirlwind of football madness, encouraging a passion for the beautiful game. Whether your child is a beginner still working out how to tie their laces or a seasoned player with goals galore to their name, our holiday camps cater to all skill levels. With the guidance of our experienced soccer coaches, your child can build strength, develop agility, and hone their techniques – all while having a ball of a time!


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Safety First: A Fun and Secure Environment for All Campers

At KIKOFF, we believe that fun and safety should go hand in hand. Our camps are not just about delivering exciting soccer action but also about ensuring a safe environment for all our campers. Our highly qualified coaches are committed to creating a positive and secure environment that focuses on the joy of learning and the thrill of the game. As parents, you can rest easy knowing your children are having a blast under the watchful eyes of professionals.


The KIKOFF Advantage: Building Friendships on and off the Field

One of the most valuable aspects of sports that often gets overlooked is the friendships it fosters. Team sports like football offer a unique platform for children to bond over shared experiences, mutual goals, and the excitement of the game.

At our camps, your children will have the chance to make new friends within their age group. The games, drills, and fitness activities encourage interaction and teamwork and help your little ones form bonds beyond the football field. Our camps are not just about playing the game of sport; they're about creating unforgettable memories and fostering lifelong friendships.



Rain or Shine: KIKOFF is Always Ready for Football Fun

What happens when the weather doesn't cooperate? Well, at KIKOFF, the fun doesn't stop. Our facilities, renowned as Sydney's favourite all-weather, 5-a-side pitches, are always game-ready.

We believe that a bit of rain shouldn't dampen the spirit of the game. So, even during the occasional showers, our school holiday camps carry on. Our all-weather play mantra ensures your kids can enjoy a fun-filled day of football, come rain or shine!


Immerse Your Kids in the Excitement of the Beautiful Game

Football is more than just a game; it's a way of life that teaches important life skills like teamwork, perseverance, discipline, and respect. At KIKOFF, our day camps strive to instill these values in every child.

An active day at our camp is packed with drills, skills training, strength training, and games, all meticulously curated for each age group. With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced coaches, your child will enjoy a fantastic sports day and build life skills that last beyond the final whistle.

Our camps offer personalised coaching designed to elevate your child's performance both on and off the pitch. We aim to bridge the gap between beginner and elite, equipping your little one with the necessary skills and knowledge to progress in their football journey. At KIKOFF, we believe the love for the game and the proper training and guidance can nurture future stars.


Keeping the Spirit Alive: A Full Week of Exciting Soccer Action

The fun continues beyond KIKOFF after a single day. Each day of the week offers new challenges, sports, new skills to learn, and new games to enjoy. We believe variety is key to keeping children engaged and motivated, and our busy schedule reflects this belief.

Whether it's Monday's dribbling drills or Wednesday's mini-tournaments, your kids will have a blast while also refining their soccer skills. By the end of the week, not only will your kids have significantly improved their game, but they'll also be eagerly awaiting the next school holiday to return to our camps!

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A Flexible Schedule and Affordable Pricing

We understand that families have different needs and schedules, which is why we offer flexible options during the school holidays at various locations. Choose from our Northern Beaches, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, and Canterbury Bankstown day camps. Our day camps are affordable at $70 per day and suitable for children aged 5-12.


Register Now and Kickstart an Unforgettable Experience

With the school break just around the corner, now is the perfect time to sign your children up for our football camps. Don't let them miss out on the learning and excitement that KIKOFF offers.

Don't just settle for the usual. Get your youngsters to stay active with sports. Transform your child's school holidays with KIKOFF's exciting football camps. Register now, and let's kick off the football fun together!


Elevate Your Child's Football Skills with Personalised Coaching

KIKOFF is proud to offer personalised coaching to all our campers. Unlike traditional training setups where one size fits all, we recognise the unique strengths and areas for growth in each child. Our seasoned coaches work closely with each player, offering tailored guidance to elevate their football performance. Through a series of comprehensive drills and practice games, we ensure your child experiences a holistic development of their football skills. Our personalised coaching approach allows every young athlete to build their confidence and enjoy a sense of achievement regardless of their initial skill level.


Experience the KIKOFF Difference: Superior Facilities and Unmatched Quality

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our coaching. KIKOFF is renowned for superior football facilities that offer a fantastic experience for young players. Our all-weather, 5-a-side pitches are meticulously maintained, providing all campers with a comfortable and exciting environment. These state-of-the-art facilities ensure your child enjoys the best possible football experience, rain or shine.

The quality of our camps is unmatched, providing a truly enjoyable experience that makes every child feel special. We strive to instill a sense of discipline, resilience, and teamwork in our campers, fostering a positive attitude towards football and life in general.

So, why wait? Let your child experience the KIKOFF difference. Give them the chance to elevate their skills, enjoy the thrill of the game, and grow as individuals. After all, football is not just about scoring goals; it's about building skills that last a lifetime.

And at KIKOFF, every day is a fun-filled day!



What Do Parents Say?

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what parents have to say about our camps:

"My daughter is a real tennis buff, spending a lot of time at the local tennis courts. But she wanted a change of pace. Getting her into KIKOFF's holiday camp was a brilliant move. She had a blast. The coaches were awesome, the facilities top-notch, and she made loads of new mates. She's already looking forward to the next camp," - a chuffed KIKOFF dad.

"As a mum, I'm always trying to find cool things for my kids to do during the school break, and KIKOFF has been a hit! My son usually spends his holidays on white sand beaches, but he loved playing football at KIKOFF. He loved the coaches, made some great friends, and learned heaps. I'd recommend KIKOFF to any parent looking for an active holiday for their kids." - a happy KIKOFF mum.


For Those Who Have More Questions

We understand that you might have more queries, and we're here to answer all of them. Visit our FAQ section for comprehensive information on what your child should bring to the camp each day, how we handle rainy days at the camps, drop-off and pick-up times, sibling discounts, Active Kids Vouchers, and how to register for the camp.

Football is more than a game; it's about building life skills that last beyond the final whistle. Join us at KIKOFF to elevate your child's skills - on and off the pitch!

So, are you ready to score a memorable school holiday for your youngsters? This is the perfect place for your little ones to participate in holiday sports activities that promise a perfect blend of sport, learning, and excitement. With KIKOFF's day camps, you can rest assured that your children will have an unforgettable experience, making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Register today, and let's kick off the fun together!


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