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Practice Makes Perfect. Find a Wall, a Ball, and Get Going

Posted by Dan Kitchen | 9th August 2021

Have your kids been affected by the lockdown? Are they climbing the walls and itching to get back on the pitch and burn off all that excess energy?

Well, then you have come to the right place! We have devised the perfect at-home football session that can be easily completed with just a ball a wall and just 2X2 meters of space.

Not only that the session targets three of the major skill groups essential for any budding footballer (dribbling/tricks & flicks, first touch, and Turns).

This easy-to-follow session can be done solely by your kids with no help from mum or dad. So put your feet up and grab a coffee your online coach will give your child an effective, challenging, and fun football session.

Simply watch the tutorial video below and follow the simple rules and instructions. The session and be completed numerous times per week and your child can record and then try to break their records each time.

The session is broken down into THREE Sections:

FIRST TOUCH/BALL STRIKING – developing ball control and improving your child’s ability to direct the ball into space with their first touch as well as use all parts of the foot to bring the ball under control. This section will also offer high repetition of passing the ball which will begin to develop your child's ability and technique of striking the ball.

DRIBBLING/BALL MASTERY – developing your child’s ability to move in a variety of directions with the ball quickly and with total control. This is an essential skill for a young player which develops their confidence on the ball and can be the foundation of core football skills.

TURNS – developing your child’s ability to quickly and effectively cut the ball to evade an opponent or move into a new space. This can be an essential skill used in 1v1 situations which can create space and set up and a whole host of skills including shooting, crossing, or running with the ball into and an advanced position.

So there you have it! A 1 stop shop soccer session perfect for the LOCKDOWN!

Show it to your kids, get them engaged, get active and get them having FUN!

Please share any of your results and/or videos with us on our socials.. we would love to see you giving it a go.

GOOD LUCK… Don’t choose lockdown… CHOOSE FOOTBALL!


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