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Summer Football Competitions

Posted by KIKOFF | 5th August 2015

The end of the regular season is fast approaching and we want to make sure you get your football fix all year round! KIKOFF Soccer Centres Summer Soccer Program provides social competitions for all ages.

Are you and your friends ready to enjoy the challenge of a competitive league? KIKOFF is here and ready to invite you to compete against other teams & making your weekly kick about much more satisfying!


  • Are split into divisions to cater for all abilities
  • Run for 14 week seasons which roll throughout the year
  • Guarantee 40-minute competitive games every week of the season


  • Are split into age groups and cater for all abilities
  • Run for 10 week seasons which coincide with school terms
  • Guarantee 75-minute session including 30-minute game every week of the season


  • Superior quality with our surfaces, facilities, equipment and match night experience
  • Premium service from our dedicated league staff and support tools designed to make life easy for team captains

Senior 5-a-side Leagues

KIKOFF 5-a-side is the most exciting new sport to hit Australia. A mixture of indoor soccer, outdoor soccer & Futsal, KIKOFF 5-a-side combines a state-of-the-art synthetic field surrounded by rebound walls to provide a 5-a-side game that is quicker and more exciting than ever before!

Our competitive leagues run throughout the entire year for men and women of all ages. So get a team of friends, family or co-workers together and register today! Our referees are fully trained & qualified, ensuring your match is played in a consistent and safe environment – day or night!

Check our upcoming 5-a-side competitions page for a list of all available leagues.

Junior 5-a-side Programs

Our Junior Summer Soccer is different to other programs as we not only organise games but our professional coaches also work with the players to improve their skills. Each week the players will train for 40-45 minutes before the game,learning game play scenarios through a series of drills, after which the coach remains on the field to referee a 30 minute game between the two teams, offering guidance throughout.

Each 75 minute session includes warm-up, cool-down and debrief with the coach letting the players know after the game where they can improve for the following week. KIKOFF Summer Soccer works just like other Futsal, 5-a-side or 6-a-side competitions but we offer football coaching with every game in addition to the match, and for just $125 per player we offer the best value Summer Soccer in Sydney! Each division/age group last for ten weeks and finishes before Christmas.

You can register as an individual or as a team and we will upload the times for your sessions at the start of the season so you know when you need to turn up. 

Development squads