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Reasons Why a KIKOFF Bubble Soccer Party is a Great Idea for your Child's Birthday Party

Posted by Paul Mulligan | 28th June 2018

Have you a Kids Birthday coming up?

Stuck for ideas of what to do that will ensure all kids will have a great time.

Some of their friends like Soccer, some are surfer’s others Cricket or Rugby players.

It can be difficult finding something where one or two Kid’s won’t be bored and where you as a parent don’t have to do too much either, as it can be very stressful entertaining excitable youngsters.

Well we at KIKOFF have the ideal solution.

Bubble photo 2

A Bubble soccer party!

bubble 4

Bubble soccer is a brilliant FUN and safe activity where the kids will have an absolute blast.

All participants are of equal ability and all participants will know the rules.

There really aren’t any rules!!! Challenges off the ball are not penalised and are hilarious.

There are many games to play in the bubbles. King of the Ring, and Bullrush are just a couple.
Generally, we do combine our bubble soccer parties with some regular soccer also, with mini round robin games and of course shooting games.

To make it even easier for the party organiser. We at KIKOFF also do the party invites for you to send on to invitees and we have areas especially for the Party people to have their
drinks, snacks, food and cake.
Many get good old Pizza, but using the BBQ at Harbord Kikoff is also popular now for a good old sausage sanga.

And with a KIKOFF coach allocated to the party you can sit back, relax and let the KIKOFF staff do all the work.


Bubble photo 3
If this sounds like it may be of interest please also check out the reviews and weekly Party photos here.

If you do wish to book a Party in at one of our centres Harbord. Fraser Park, Lakemba.you can do so here.

We look forward to seeing you at a great Birthday Bubble Party at KIKOFF soon.


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