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Getting a Five-a-side Team Together this Summer

Posted by KIKOFF | 26th July 2021

Getting a five a-side team together can be a nightmare! Often people pull out at the last minute which can cause all sorts of problems. Someone could get stuck at work or have a puncture on the way so it is important to cover all your bases. The steps below will help ensure you have at least five players turning up for your weekly game:

  1. Make a group chat
    This saves you the bother of sending upwards of six individual messages. If you have all your potential players in the same group, one quick message will let you find out who is available quickly!

  2. Get money up front
    If people invest money in something, they are more likely to commit. By getting money up front, You are saving yourself a big headache as the last thing people want to do is waste money! Getting cash will almost guarantee you good commitment levels.

  3. Send the feelers out early!
    It is important to gauge availability early! If you send the initial message out 4-5 days in advance, it will give you plenty of time to find a couple of extra players if a couple of regulars are unavailable.

  4. Have a big squad
    If you only have a squad of five/ six players, you will find yourself struggling to organize a team within a couple of weeks! For this reason, it is important to have a bigger squad so that when one can’t make it, you have someone ready to step in! At KIKOFF, you are allowed to register up to 15 players to try and limit the potential stress of organizing.

  5. Find good friends!!
    The last thing good friends want to do is let you down. If you have a crowd of decent mates, they will do what they can to help you and minimizing the stress of organizing a five a-side team falls under this category!!

  6. Enter the right league
    The last thing people want to do is turn up at football and lose weekly. This will put people off and in turn, make them reluctant to turn up! For this reason, it is important to enter a league which suits your ability- if you haven’t played for a few years, don’t enter division 1!!

If you follow the steps above, I’m sure the job of getting a five a-side team together will be much easier for you!

If you’re really struggling, give us a call on 02 9119 3678 and we will do what we can to source a player or two for you!


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