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Enhance Your Child's Soccer Skills: Soccer Drills for Home

Posted by KIKOFF | 11th July 2023

Ever heard the famous words from Sir Bobby Robson, the esteemed English soccer player, and coach, "Practice makes permanent"? This mantra has echoed through my experiences in sports, academics, and professional life.

A familiar scene often unfolds in our team training sessions: budding soccer players, entranced as my co-coaches or I artfully manipulate the ball. They rush over, their minds buzzing with inquiries about how to mirror these soccer ball control skills or how we've honed them. As I deconstruct the techniques, I emphasise an essential truth – 'practice makes perfect.'

Practice shooting in a straight line, ball control, dribbling, juggling, practice with one foot, the weaker foot, the same foot, the opposite foot, and the kicking foot. Practice cone dribbling and practice passing while maintaining control of the ball. Practice running with the ball. It's a fantastic way to learn foot-eye coordination. Practicing these fundamental skills daily will significantly enhance your soccer skills.

Studies indicate that a child needs to repeat a skill roughly 75 times before it becomes second nature. Achieving complete mastery of these soccer drills, especially the more advanced shooting skills and dribbling skills? Well, that's another ball game altogether. Hence, children must get as many touches on the ball as possible, reaffirming that 'practice carves out perfection.'


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Practice soccer and up your soccer game.


Group coaching sessions significantly shape a soccer player's overall development in the sport. But here's the rub - you can't expect to morph into a soccer superstar after just one or two weekly training sessions. The real magic happens when players invest their spare time honing their skills. Whether it's a kickabout in the local park, a practice session with Dad in the backyard, or even some sneaky toe taps against the living room door, these all contribute to a player's footballing development. However, there are four critical questions to ask:

  • Firstly, relevance. Is the practice significant to the player?

  • Secondly, time. Recognising that kids have other interests beyond playing soccer, it's essential that their soccer-dedicated time outside coaching and matches is well-spent.

  • Thirdly, enjoyment. As my soccer hero, Roy Keane, once stated, "I don't believe skill was, or ever will be, the result of coaches. It results from a love affair between the child and the ball." This intrinsic joy, the core reason why a player is driven to kick the ball, should weave its way into their activities beyond coaching.

  • Lastly, accessibility. What resources or facilities are available for the players?

Bearing these factors in mind, I sought to design a fun challenge to improve ball mastery and dribbling skills while instilling a healthy dose of friendly competition.

Junior Summer Soccer Leagues

Introducing the 10-2-1 Challenge


The premise of the 10-2-1 Challenge is simple; 10 soccer drills, a 2x2 meter square, and 1 minute to carry out each routine.

The goal is to execute each skill as often as possible within the square, practicing ball control. Players can record their scores, striving to surpass them and promoting a spirit of healthy rivalry among teammates.

To see it in action, check out our home soccer training videos:

Check out our demonstration video below:

Soccer drills to practice

Fast Feet

Put the soccer ball between your feet, shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Then, using the instep, knock it back and forth quickly.


Place the ball a bit in front of you. Using the right foot, draw it back and across to your left foot. With your left foot, nudge the ball forward and stop it with your right. Switch feet and repeat.


Start with the ball before you. Drag it back using your foot sole, then angle it forward with your laces. Stop it with the other foot, pull back, and repeat.


Put the ball in front of you, play it sideways with one foot's instep, then outside with the other foot. Now, pass it back in the opposite direction and repeat, switching feet as needed.

Fast Feet (Step Over)

Tap the ball quickly between your feet using the instep. As it hits the right then left foot, do a step-over with your right foot. Once your foot's off the ball, repeat the step with the left foot. Stay on the balls of your feet.

Double Taps

A blend of Fast Feet and Toe Taps. Move the ball side to side with your insteps, followed by two toe taps on top. Keep the rhythm going, "side to side, top, top."

Body Triangles

With the ball out front, draw it past your standing foot, then pass it around with your instep. Your standing foot will stop the ball, push it forward, and you repeat, changing directions.

Squeeze & Push

Have the ball underneath, with your foot sole on top. Roll it to the side, open your legs, then push it back while keeping in touch with the ball. Swap feet and keep it going.

Drag Stop

Start with the ball inside your right foot. Drag your right foot over the ball, let it roll across, then stop it with the left foot's inside. Now do the same with the left foot.


Here's a challenge: keep the ball up with your feet and legs without bouncing it outside the square.


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