Who can Play 5a-side football?

Posted by KIKOFF on 30-Aug-2017 08:00:00

The beauty of 5 a-side football is the fact that it is literally open to anyone. Whether you are 65 years of age and smoke 30 cigarettes a day or a 20 year old National Premier League player, 5 a-side football is something that you can fit into your schedule:

  • For the serious football player, our division 1 5a-side league is the one for you. The standard is high and the games can be pretty intense- no one here likes to lose. Professional referees officiate each game and free entry to our cash prize tournament is your reward for winning.
  • For the “I play for fun but hate to lose” football player, our division 2 5 a-side league is probably your best bet. Slightly slower and less aggressive than division 1, our division 2 leagues are perfect for those who are competitive but also want to have fun.
  • For the social footballer, our division 3 5a-side leagues are perfect. Well-structured and organized, our division 3 competitions are geared towards those who enjoy football, want to have fun and don’t want to worry about the stress of organizing ten players. Just like the two higher divisions, all games are officiated by top referees (it can still get a little bit aggressive in this division) but these leagues are certainly slower paced and calmer than the two above.
  • For those under 18 years of age, our Junior summer soccer program is the perfect way to get involved with 5a-side football. With games taking place on a Saturday morning, all you need to do is organize your team and turn up! A referee is provided and our leagues run for ten weeks! Do you have what it takes to be crowned champions?
  • For anyone who doesn’t want to play competitively, our 5a-side pitches can be hired for casual use - simply organize your mates and come down and play for an hour. Pitches are available for casual hire throughout the day and also at weekends!
  • Finally, If you cannot or do not want to run, we will be organizing “walking football” in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

With something for everyone, you have no excuse - 5a-side football is a great social activity. Whether you are 16 or 60 there is something for you so come down and give it a try - an active life is a happy life.

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