Return of Summer Soccer

Posted by Leon Kita on 20-Oct-2017 11:22:32

It’s back - Our Term 4 Off-season Summer Soccer program kicked off last week with over 500 JUNIOR players participating over 3 locations!

Apply your Practice

As many of you already know, this program consists of 30 minutes of TRAINING led by our coaching staff, then a 30 minute MATCH. Each week we have a technical and tactical component (along with consistent physical and psychological themes) which we work on in the 30 minutes of coaching, looking to bring this to life in the matches.



A book which has had a large influence on the DEVELOPMENT of my own and our coaching style is “Mindset” by Dr Carol S. Dweck. Among many other amazing takeaways from this book, is the notion of the need to praise EFFORT over achievement really resonated with me.

This allows us to create an environment where players are not afraid to make mistakes as they are ENCOURAGED and PRAISED on their EFFORT to attempt what has been practiced, resulting in players likely to therefore TRY AGAIN if unsuccessful.

This in turn makes everything much more enjoyable and fun as well – which as coaches is our first job – make players LOVE the game by providing a POSITIVE learning experience.


Monthly Competitions

September Skill of the Month - The Aiden McGeady Spin



This month’s winner is Brandon Kim from our Heffron Park Location. Brandon has been coming to KIKOFF for some time now, and is always keen to try what he is learning in matches. This resulted in possibly one of the BEST GOALS I have ever seen a 10 year old score last year, with a ‘Messi’ like run finished off with a typical ‘Messi’ like finish up and over the keeper – TAKEABOW Brandon. Brandon can be seen in the ‘McGeady Spin’ video link below, kicking the video off!



October Skill of the Month – The Reverse Cruyff (Rabona fake)

Get practicing guys for your chance to win




Meet Our…

Coaching Director - Leon Kita

How long have you been at KIKOFF?

Over 4 years.

What is your favourite football team?

The mighty Leeds United.

What position do you/did you play?

I started in centre midfield, went to left back, and now centre back!

Who is your favourite footballer and why?

Steven Gerrard. He was a leader with tremendous technical and athletic ability. I love the way he played, going from box to box scoring countless of vital goals throughout his career! He also remained loyal to his boyhood club!

Other than football, what other sports do you play?

I don’t actually play any other sports really but always keep active. I enjoy boxing and rock climbing (I’m saying this to make myself do more of it!)

Do you have a fun fact?

If you hold a slinky so it is fully extended and then let it go, the bottom will not move until the top is coiled back, making it appear to float in mid air when watching in slow motion! Try it, I was amazed when I did!


Gala Day

We really appreciate all of you support, and would love you to come and celebrate with us. This year, on Saturday December 16th, we will be holding our first ever gala day. We would love players, parents and coaches from all of our centres to come and get together for one fun day.

We will organise matches where centres play against centres, have loads of fun games as well as get our bubbles out to have some fun in. Will get a BBQ on the go as well to keep you all fed!

We will also be giving out special awards to some players for their work throughout the year

The day will be at our Fraser Park Location in Marrickville, starting at 1pm:

1pm-2pm: KIKSTARTER players/parents

2pm-4pm: SOCCER SCHOOLS players/parents

4pm-6pm: FDS players/parents

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