Off Season Football Conditioning

Posted by Gary Rafferty on 26-Aug-2017 16:53:03

The purpose of off-season is to give your body the opportunity to recover from a long season and also provide players the chance to work on some weaknesses technically and physically without the interruption of training or games.

Whilst some players may think it is a good idea to continue working on football specific running during this time to try arrive back in pre-season super fit, they are actually setting themselves up for failure long term.


After 7-10 months of training and games, your body is both physically and mentally exhausted from the same movements and patterns of play. 

Although some may not feel it, without taking time away from fitness that mimics the game demands you will either burn out, peak too early or even get injured.

Off-Season is the chance to build a solid foundation of general fitness whilst also enabling you to improve your weaknesses and recover.

Once this foundation is built you are able to do all your specific work in pre-season and in-season, which now have a much larger base to be built on top of (think of a pyramid), meaning, they have more potential to also improve.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard, but you also have to work smart.

Being able to return to pre-season fresh, excited, injury free and relatively fit is the ideal situation for players and coaches.

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Conditioning Sessions


Without strength your potential to improve the rest of your physical game is extremely limited.

By the end of this program you’ll run faster, jump higher, be less likely to get injured, change direction quicker and win those physical battles on the pitch.

We have both upper body and lower body days to allow for full recovery between sessions and to ensure there is a balance to your training program.


What’s does a session include? 

Short sprints

Resistance training

Core training

Explosive jumps and throws



Football is currently played at its highest intensity in all of it’s history! 

Faster sprints and quicker changes of direction are what is becoming the difference in some matches between who gets on to that through pass, who gets to the front post first and who gets back quickest to defend that quick transition. 

Do you want that person to be you? Well, this is the session for you.


What does a session include?

Sprint and change of direction mechanics.

Acceleration and deceleration.

Explosive jumps and throws.

Explosive strength training.

Mobility and core training.



 The people who improve their aerobic abilities are those who are able to recover quicker, last longer in the season and repeat that same run in the 90th minute as they did in the 1st minute. 

With a small base of fitness you are playing catch up all year long.

This is the bread and butter of football fitness.


What does a session include?

Bodyweight strength circuits

Off-feet conditioning

Tempo work

Repeated jumps 

Core training

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The OFF-Season conditioning program is available to register for now. Sessions start at $250 for 12 weekly sessions. Youth Football conditioning programs are also available for players aged 10-17. Head to the Football Conditioning Programs page for more information and to register.


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