How to put together a successful five-a-side team

Posted by Chaz Samushonga on 05-Oct-2017 09:00:00

Teams who win five-a-side competitions are not lucky. Often they are seasoned small sided game players who know what ingredients are needed to make a team successful. Below are six vital bits of information to keep in mind when trying to put together a successful team.

The first and most important ingredient of a successful five-a-side team is a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper should be able to communicate well with the players in front of him, make important saves when necessary and, if you’re lucky, act as a fifth field player when you are in possession of the ball. Often, the difference between two teams who are evenly matched is a good goalkeeper. Puzzle piece number 1.

After your goalkeeper you need a strong central defender. Unlike 11 a-side football, this central defender does not need to be a mountain of a man, just someone who is disciplined and reads the game well. Like your goalkeeper, you are looking at the central defender to be a good communicator. If people are out of position or not doing their job, he is the one to get on their case. You want this player to be disciplined and not to venture too far forward unless the perfect opportunity presents itself. Piece number 2.

In front of your central defender, you need an engine. Someone who can run all day, getting forward to support the strikers and getting back to help out your defense and goalkeeper. The engine will make last minute interceptions at one end and late runs into the box at the other, the third piece of a successful five-a-side team.

Beside your engine should be your wizard. The Lionel Messi who is required in every good team. When things are tight and you need a moment of magic to separate you from the opposition, this player steps up to go on a mazy run and put the ball on a plate for someone else to finish. Often the difference in games, the creator is piece number 4.

What good is it having a strong team who is unable to bury chances…? Essential puzzle piece number 5 is your goalscorer. Like the creator, the goalscorer is capable of moments of magic but that is not his number one job. The goalscorer is there to stick the ball in the back of the net. Be it from 15 yards or 1, a goal is a goal and this man is going to find himself in the right place at the right time.

A five-a-side team only needs five players, that is correct, but what is also important are the men who sit on the bench. These players have to be good all rounders. Boys who can slot into your team and do a job. Nothing too fancy, just hold the fort, not concede silly goals and pop the ball in the back of the net occasionally. Quality subs are the sixth and final piece of the puzzle.

If you have these six pieces, you should enter a five-a-side comp asap, you are in with a very good chance of winning!!

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