Five life benefits of entering a five a-side football league

Posted by KIKOFF Soccer Centres on 02-Nov-2017 08:00:00

As we get older, more and more people (myself included) exert the majority of their time and energy in to their work. Granted, work is important but we should all remember that we should work to live and not live to work! Entering a five a-side league is a commitment that can take your mind off of work and get you some valued time with the boys! Here are a few benefits of entering a five a-side competition.

  1. You have to turn up (unlike the gym). A lot of people set out to work with great intentions of going to the gym but after a hard day’s work, they are quite tired and it is no longer such a great idea. With no one to hold you accountable, there is no problem scrapping the idea and heading home. By committing to a five a-side league however, you are more likely to go- if not, you are hanging your team mates out to dry, leaving them a player short. After a hard day, five a-side football will take your mind away from work.
  2. It’s a great excuse to get out of the house and spend some time with your friends! Life is busy, if it’s not work, it’s the wife. If it’s not the wife, it’s your sister- and the list goes on. We all need time with our mates and entering a five a-side league gives you that opportunity every week. With seasons lasting from 9-14 weeks, entering a five-a side league guarantees you some quality time with the boys.
  3. Competition is healthy. A large number of people go through the motions on a daily basis. They have lost the “bit between their teeth”. Playing in a five a-side league brings that competitive edge back in to our lives- no one likes to lose. This is not only beneficial on the football pitch but can bring success in other fields-90% of High-Level Female Executives Played Competitive Sports
  4. As I mentioned above, we often look for reasons not to go to the gym- mainly because a lot of us don’t really enjoy it. Five a-side football is a great form of exercise. Our caged in fields mean the ball very rarely goes out which increases the intensity of the games- a perfect workout in a fun environment.
  5. Finally, entering a five a-side league is a great way to meet other people. With games being played in a friendly manner (most of the time) a five a-side league gives us the chance to interact with others who may share our love for the beautiful game.

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